OrangeTop is the trademarkt and product label of Hartjes Meat Processing, which has over 50 years of expertise in production and export of high quality meat products.

Ever since the creation of the OrangeTop brand in 2014, the number of products and product groups keeps expanding and its products are being improved continuously. Read more about the history of Hartjes Meat Processing and OrangeTop below.

Production for snack and prepared meat product industries

To quarantee a steady high quality for our products, Hartjes Meat Processing focuses on continuous proces optimalization. Hartjes has a high supply reliability and competitive pricing. f you are looking for meat strips, semifinished products or raw materials, with standard specifications or custom production, Hartjes is the best partner for supply of fresh and frozen products for the snack and prepared meat product industries.

Custom production & Co-makership

Efficient collaboration and strategy are our key factors of success for custom co-makership projects. This makes Hartjes a go-to partner. We supply customized meat products as raw materials to production companies. As a meat processor and supplier we also supply procurement organizations, wholesalers (food service industry and butcheries), local markets and retail supermarkets.

Export of deep frozen products and salted products in brine

We produce a wide assortment of frozen and salted products under the OrangeTop brand name and private label. Our products are distributed worldwide.

History OrangeTop & Hartjes Meat Processing



Hartjes Vlees B.V. founded

Founded by mr. H. Hartjes Various meat activities for the domestic market, mainly business to business.



Factory built at Spaanderstraat in Oss, the Netherlands

A new owner takes the founder’s place


The 90s

Industrial scale production of meat strips and dice

For a long time Hartjes Vlees B.V. is market leader with production of meat strips, and shoarma, produced on industrial scale.



Company acquisition by M. Mathijssen

M.Mathijssen takes ownership of Hartjes Vlees B.V., continuing the existing production and activities.



Expansion of export activities

With three reefer containers towards Angola, Hartjes Vlees B.V. starts expanding global export activities.



Introduction of the Orangetop brand, development of salted meat products in brine

Further expansion of export activities under the Orangetop brand name for frozen and salted meat products.


The 10s

Further success in export activities

More focus on successful export within the European continent, but also globally towards Central America, the Middle East and the Far East.



Product development for the domestic market

After producing Caribbean salted meat products under private label for various organizations for many years, the decision was made in 2020 to serve these products in the domestic market under the Orangetop brand, managed in-house.