Processor of excellent meat products

We produce meat products from excellent, fresh meat, only from the best slaughter houses in Europe. The entire production is processed in our own factory: from quality control to manual sorting and packing, saturating in salted brine or deep freezing.

We also provide services for meat cutting of custom meat strips and custom meat dices.

Caribbean Salted Meat and Fish Products

OrangeTop is specialist in Caribbean food products like salted meat and fish (dry salted or in brine), suitable for the localethnic market and worldwide export.

Check out our Caribbean top products like Salted Beef Meat (Carnisa) and Salted Cod or have a look at our entire Caribbean product line,

African Salted and Frozen Meat Products

OrangeTop is also your one stop shop for African meat products. Our salted and frozen meat specialties are suitable for your local market and worldwide export.

Check out our African top productslike Pig Feet and Beef Sinews or have a look at our entire African product line.

Hartjes Meat Processing

OrangeTop is a product brand ofHartjes Meat Processing in Oss, North-Brabant,The Netherlands.