OrangeTop, by Hartjes

Export of brined and frozen meat and frozen vegetables, herbs and fruit

OrangeTop, by Hartjes: Hartjes Meat Processing’s export brand.

Hartjes Meat Processing is specialized in high quality meat processing. Visit for more information about the company and its domestic sales products.

Brined meat products

OrangeTop produces salted pork in brine such as salted pork hind feet, salted pork front feet, salted pork tails and more. The salted products are packed in high quality pails or buckets filled with brine.

Fruit & Vegetables

OrangeTop is also specialized in import and export of high quality fruit & vegetables from and to all over the world.

Private label

Apart from the OrangeTop label there are also custom options for private label. Together with our customers we define the composition and contents of the cartons or drums.

OrangeTop world-wide

The OrangeTop brand is exported world-wide from the Caribbean to Africa and Asia.