Hartjes Meat Processing uses excellent fresh Dutch meat, which is of excellent quality and which is IKB (integral supply chain management) approved. Hartjes distinguishes itself through in-house production. The meat is then bought in fresh every day in accordance with the company’s own product specification from EEC approved companies. The industrial processing guarantees a repeatable quality. Shock freezing guarantees that this quality is maintained. This freezing process ensures that the structure, colour and flavour of the meat remain intact. This enables Hartjes to supply consistent quality.
Hartjes Meat Processing works in accordance with the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). This internationally recognised system consists of systematic and preventative measures. This safeguards the food safety of our meat. The staff at Hartjes Meat Processing are trained to monitor quality and hygiene. Extensive checks take place at all links in the production chain, including checks relating to food, transport and hygiene. By ensuring that all participants in the chain keep logbooks, the origin of the meat can always be traced.
Hartjes Meat Processing is also BRC certified (British Retail Consortium), where as standard the A-level serves as the point of departure. The BRC certification (Global Standard for Food Safety) is performed annually by an official accredited agency, MPS-ECAS Certification.

Quality department

Hartjes Meat Processing has its own quality department. This department monitors the quality systems and the activities ensuing from those systems, such as conducting an audit at a new supplier, monitoring bacteriological data of products and supervising the product development.


Hartjes Meat Processing is BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety) A-grade and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certified. These certifications guarantee continuous quality from all of our customers.