Procurement of excellent quality meat

Hartjes Meat Processing and OrangeTop exclusively use fresh meat of excellent quality, procured fresh from only the best EG-approved suppliers using certified quality control methods. Before receiving any supply of goods, we request thorough product specifications, recent bacteriologic analyses and a signed declaration declaring no risk regarding falsehood, fraude and assurances for accurate product descriptions, eliminating risk for diluting and/or replacing raw materials and any claims (such as BLK) are guaranteed.

Our certificates and qualifications

  • EG-approval under code NL 116 EG;
  • Daily Pré-SSOP- en SSOP audits;
  • Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA)-approved Export Channeling System (EKS) with around 350 country and product protocols;
  • several NWVA-approved third country recognitions with corresponding private requests;
  • a Better Life Label (BLK) approval as processor of pork, beef and chicken meat from one to three stars.

Quality control

Hartjes Meat Processing has its own Quality Control department. This department not only controls the quality control system with corresponding workplace activities, it also oversees automated reports, staff training, daily hygiene audits, monitoring of analyses, product development and internal and external audits.

Quality Control takes weekly Plate Coutn Agar samples and periodic testing using Listera swabs for confirming the effectiveness of cleaning strategies and assuring production in a hygienic, safe environment.


Hartjes Meat Processing partners with an RvA-approved external laboratory according to scope L509. There are special agreements with this laboratory for rapidly processing analyses. For certain clients we sample production runs during production for same-day sample delivery at the laboratory. The laboratory tests the samples right away, for example for Salmonella ssp. qPCR) and test results are confirmed to the client and ourselves the following day, assuring safe processing of the supplied products. Hartjes Meat Processing generally samples following regulation “Vo. (EG) 2073/2005”.

Food safety

We hold food safety in high regard while processing meat. By investing in training and guidance of our staff, Hartjes Meat Processing employees have an intrisic motivation for working hygienically and efficiently. Quality and food safety go hand in hand at Hartjes Meat Processing.


Naturally, Hartjes Meat Processing works with automatized processes. Pallet processing, for example, used to be done on manually written forms, whereas today, the pallets are scanned for optimal traceability of location, origin, slaughter dates and so on. Even complex, composite products are fully traceable.

Consistant quality

By enforcing and guarding strict quality control systems, using fresh raw materials and CE-approved and well-maintained machinery, the Hartjes Meat Processing guarantees consistent quality.

Saturation in the brining process