ORANGETOP Salted Beef Meat

The most famous and original salted beef meat offered in the Netherlands is also exported to the Caribbean and Panama.

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ORANGETOP Salted Beef Meat is the most famous and original Caribbean Salted Beef Meat available in the Netherlands through many local, ethnic channels. In Surinam language this product is called Sowtu Metie and in Antillian language it’s called Carnisa. Salted Beef Meat is the most famous and most popular Caribbean meat product. ORANGETOP Salted Beef Meat is prepared in an efficient production process during which the meat gets a special salting and maturation treatment, resulting in top quality meat and optimal tenderness when cooked. ORANGETOP Salted Beef Meat is only produced with meat from selected young bulls. ORANGETOP Salted Beef Meat is available in pails of 12.5 kg, 2 kg and 1 kg and in vacuum packs of ± 350 gram.

Method of preparation

  • Desalting: 500 gr salted beef in 500 cc of water, boil for 10 minuten, rinse and repeat. Cut the desalted beef into pieces.
  • Cooking: Cook in the meat in a frying pan with a little oil. Add pepper, salt and garlic to taste. Serve with white rice or noodles.

Quality control and sorting process

The raw materials for OrangeTop and Hartjes Meat Processing, like our ORANGETOP Salted Beef Meat, are thoroughly inspected for quality and traceability upon receipt. The manual sorting process and our packing and brining processes are carried out by experienced personnel, with extra attention to additional quality verifications. For all our meat strips, diced meat, frozen or salted meat products, Hartjes Meat Processing and OrangeTop products always guarantee the best quality!

Additional information


Chilled, maximum 7°C




Pails from 2 kg and up

Storage advice pail

Unopened 12 months

Storage advice vacuum pack

Unopened 6 months

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