Salted Beef Meat

Salted Beef Meat

Surinam Sowtie Metie

Salted Beef Meat, a meat product known in Suriname as Sowtu Metie or Carnisa in the Antilles, are primarily used in The Netherlands in the Surinam cuisine. The OrangeTop pails of Salted Beef Meat are available in ethnic supermarkets near you. OrangeTop also exports Salted Beef Meat worldwide and within Europe, primarily to countries with a large ethnic Surinam and Antilles population.

Quality control and sorting process

The raw materials for OrangeTop and Hartjes Meat Processing, like our Salted Beef Meat, are thoroughly inspected for quality and traceability upon receipt. The manual sorting process and our packing and brining processes are carried out by experienced personnel, with extra attention to additional quality verifications. For all our meat strips, diced meat, frozen or salted meat products, Hartjes Meat Processing and OrangeTop products always guarantee the best quality!

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Chilled, maximum 7°C




Pails from 2 kg and up

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