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OrangeTop is a worldwide established brand for brined and frozen meat products of high quality European meat. Our meat products are exported worldwide under our own or custom private labels.

Salted Pork in Brine

OrangeTop produces pickled and salted pork products in barrels (18, 32 or 64 liters) and buckets (10 or 20 liters) for worldwide export.

Frozen Pork and Beef

OrangeTop produces, processes and packs frozen pork and beef meat for worldwide export.

Frozen Poultry and Mutton

OrangeTop produces, processes and packs frozen poultry and mutton products for worldwide export.

Salted pig meat in brine for hot climates

The OrangeTop salted pork products in brine are specifically developed for export to hot climate areas like West Africa, the Caribbean and South America. Our high quality brine in combination with durable quality barrels and buckets (pails) ensure a shelf life of up to 18 months in unrefridgerated storage conditions. The Salted Pork Front or Hind Feet in Brine are some of OrangeTop’s most exported products.